Fullsixcarbon has managed to make carbon fibre parts for complex models,  Autoclave Composite Monocoque (ACM) technology and is the only company in the world that is able to produce a highly decorative finish complex-shaped closed-body monocoque out of a single carbon fiber-based unit (e.g. a one-piece fuel tank for motorcycles). This technology is directly applicable for the fabrication of various one-step closed-body monocoques, where no cutting, trimming and bonding is required. In contrast to conventional bonding, ACM technology provides monocoques with supreme mechanical strength, chemical resistance, and a flawless finish.

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The lightest, strongest, most flexible and most beautiful 100% carbon fiber

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Since 2008, The FULLSIXCARBON has been one of the world leaders in the production of high-quality carbon fiber parts, both as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and as an aftermarket manufacturer. We are among the world’s leading brands in the automotive and motorcycle industry. We are passionate about developing the best products with our young and highly qualified staff is the driving force behind our commitment to offering you only the most innovative products.

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The lightest, strongest, most flexible and most beautiful 100% carbon fiber.

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